One look outside at night and it clarifies just how much we count on lighting within our normal, everyday lives. Our streets, buildings, parking areas and underground corridors are all illuminated to provide both navigation and security. As the demand for lighting and electricity as a whole, has risen, so too have the costs of hydro. Double digit increases over the last several years have been common place as businesses try and manage operating costs. One of these costs is lighting. Given the old lighting technology that exists in the majority of our buildings - lighting is a cost that can be reduced significantly just by simply upgrading to energy efficient technology. GO TIME Lighting SOLUTIONS offers a wide variety of options that will not only deliver better lighting, they also PAY FOR THEMSELVES!  


Save money, improve lighting, increase productivity and minimize maintenance costs. Manufacturing, warehouses, automtive shops...anywhere high ceilings exisit and quality light is needed. Indoors or out!



From retirement and social housing residences to hospitals, corporate offices and medical buildings, 24hr lighting it is costly. Energy efficient bulbs and tubes illuminate halls, stairwells, common areas and property for security with 24/7 savings. 



Save money and sell more - its a great formula for success. Make your store, your products and your hydro bill look better with a quality lighting upgrade. From restaurants to retail, lighting is essential to the experience; we can help make it a solid ROI. 


Indoor growing and the medical marijuana industry is booming. Our PAR adjusted grow lights increase yield, deliver 60% hydro savings. Low heat generation gets lights closer to plants and a 10 year warranty leads the industry while saving huge on maintenance costs. 


Simply put; we NEED to conserve power and that's why the government offers incentives to help pay for your lights. From bulbs and tubes to offices. warehouses, and parking lots - let us show you how to have your lighting upgrade pay for itself. 



- lighting analysis

- technology solutions

- rebate processing

- project consulting

- computer layouts

- comparible quotations

- installation

- certified disposal




- 50-90% energy savings

- reduced heat saves

  HVAC costs

- reduced maintenance


- replacement savings 

better light quality 

- enviromentally


- instant on/off / restrike


LED - a comprehensive line of LED bulbs, tubes and fixtures will provide excellent quality, long lasting lighting. Interior/Exterior

- 5 year warranty

- 50,000 hr ratings 

- retro-fit kits




INDUCTION - around since the 60s, magnetic Induction is lighting's best kept secret. For industrial & commercial applications, it is difficult to beat. Interior/Exterior

- 10 year warranty

- 100,000 hr rating

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Energy Solutions, Fritzall’s lighting arm, offers advanced lighting technologies – by far the best are Induction and LED. LED lamps are a perfect replacement for fluorescent, halogen or incandescent bulbs with 85% power savings and absolutely no harmful mercury. One Chip LED light can use 86% less energy than a regular halogen or incandescent bulb.

Induction lighting offers an amazing 10-20 year lifespan. They are are instant on/off, restrike and are unaffected by vibration – perfect for industry. No maintenance requirements increase your savings and even more. 



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OptimalLED prides itself on providing professional quality, commercial-grade LED lighting to all segments of industry—municipal, marine, retail, and professional clients. Our commercial LED lighting provides unparalleled opportunity to save on energy consumption and costs. With most commercial lighting being in use for more than 12 hours a day, the savings potential is huge. Our commercial-grade LED bulbs can easily replace outdated incandescent and fluorescent bulbs with superior energy efficiency. Obtaining the ideal light color for any application—from parking lots and warehouses to high-end showrooms—is all possible with OptimalLED.


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Purposely designed for commercial and industrial applications, our Induction Lighting products offer a wide range of lighting solutions that are perfectly adapted to High bay and low bay lighting, street lighting, tunnel lighting, garage lighting, flood lighting, surface mount lighting, etc., Our Induction Lamps and Bulbs offering a 100,000 hour lifespan, a reduction of energy consumption of up to 86%. With a sturdy design and time tested and proven reliability, you will be able to practically eliminate all maintenance costs related to lighting. Can you say ROI?



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